Hello, I am Winni duBois-Carter

As a Sagittarius, I like to think I'm the queen of everything.

But the reality is that I am just a glorified snack preparer and chauffeur. I have a soft spot for bedhead: the messier, the better. My heart melts when my daughters smile at me from beneath that lovely mass of sleep-tousled hair, faces smeared with remnants of their avocado toast (yeah, we're hipsters like that).

I admire the stark honesty of children.....even (especially?) when my daughter is loudly admiring the mustache of the Costco sample lady.

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I am passionate about filling walls with family photos. After a rough day at school, I want my children to return home to see and feel our love as they walk down the hall to their rooms. Our faces, our home, and our hearts captured together in a moment-all of the millions of everyday moments, rich with love and belonging.

I seek to make the experience of being photographed as convenient and painless as possible. All you have to do it pick a package and hire me. No dressing up, no bribing children to stay clean, and no begging your partner to just please wear that outfit you bought them.