WTF is a DITL (Day in the Life)?


Basically the best session ever. Imagine waking up and snuggling with your babes, or your dogs, (I don’t judge) and leisurely having breakfast in your pjs.

Bedhead is a requirement-did you read about my love affair with bedhead?

I take that ish seriously. No hair brushing before breakfast.

The day is dictated by you and your family.


I hang out and take photos of moments as they happen.


Playing the the backyard? Yep.

Preparing meals? Check.

A trip to the park/library/hardware store? Lovely.

A massive pre-nap meltdown? Extra points.


You get the idea. This isn’t a stop-motion movie of your day, it is a collection of everyday moments that make you the unique family that you are.

Few things make me feel as joyful as capturing the small gestures and glances that are signs of a family’s connection.


I seek out that connection and capture it, to show families how much they love, and are loved.

I seek to make the experience of being photographed as convenient and painless as possible. All you have to do is pick a package and hire me.


No dressing up, no bribing children to stay clean, no *non-stretchy* pants.


Within 30 days, we will have a reveal and ordering session. You and your family will view the slideshow and choose what digitals, prints, wall art and/or album you want.